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Friend of Fireworks is brought to you by the Indiana Fireworks Association. We are a group of firework supporters not limited to the state of Indiana. This website serves as a place to communicate about industry regulations and concerns. Check out our home page regularly for the latest news & updates.

Sensitive information will be password protected. Join the Indiana Fireworks Association today to gain access!

About Indiana Fireworks Association

The Indiana Fireworks Association was founded on the following principle aims:

  • To ensure the right of Hoosiers to purchase all consumer fireworks
  • To encourage the safe use of all consumer fireworks products
  • To promote the responsible regulation of the fireworks industry
  • To provide industry information and support

Member Benefits

Government Liaison: We provide a liaison with the Governor’s Office, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Fire Marshal’s Office, The Division of Fire & Building Safety Code Enforcement, and other state and federal agencies to encourage mutual understanding and support in the development and implementation of regulations, safety programs and other projects.

Legislative Initiative: The Association’s executive director, legal counsel and lobbyists work directly with our Indiana Representatives and State Senators in creating, passing and maintaining legislation that encourages the rights of our members to sell all consumer fireworks and the rights of all Hoosiers to safely use our products.

Legal Representation: The Law Offices of Brooke | Stevens, PC has been one of the nation’s leading pyrotechnic law firms for fireworks related issues for over 20 years. John Brooke and John Stevens provide legal advice to the Association and its members to help resolve local and state issues involving members.

Technical Support: The executive director is available to offer technical support and expertise in areas such as registering your store location, filing applications and navigating rule changes made by various state agencies.

Information: The Association compiles statistics, and acts as a central information source on regulatory actions and other matters pertinent to the pyrotechnic industry. The Association maintains a website, newsletter and email alerts for association members to provide comprehensive and current information on industry legislation, statistics, and events.

Public Relations: Acts as a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of the fireworks industry to members of the press, state legislatures, and town councils.


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