Annual Recap and Forecast

Happy Holidays and a New Year

As we near the end of 2015, I would like to take this time to recap this year’s successes for the Industry and the Indiana Fireworks Association. 2015 was as a very good year for the Association in that it increased its membership from 51 members in 2014 to 57 members in 2015.

Although there are many retailers and wholesalers operating in Indiana who do not support the Association in its efforts to protect their business and the Industry, interest in participating in the Association is increasing.

In other good news, the Associations brings in 1500 cases of artillery shells to help with the financial support of the Association. This year our members purchased all of our shells ensuring that the Association has money in the bank.

This money will be put to good use in 2016. As you recall, there were two bills introduced in the Indiana General Assembly that would have reduced the number of days consumer could enjoy their fireworks from 12 days to just 3 days. The Association was able to work with our friends in the legislature to ensure that those bill did not receive a reading.

However, it appears that legislation will once again be introduced in the 2016 session. We have been told by a number of legislators that a veterans group will join with some legislators to once again reintroduce this legislation. This year during the 4th of July season the city of Lafayette called for the reduction of user days.

Once again we need to get the word out to retailers on the importance of all of us joining together to ensure that we can defeat any attempt to pass this legislation.

2015 was also a good year in Fireworks inspections. There were very few problems which speaks to the fact that the Indiana Fireworks Association and the Indiana Fire Marshal continues to have a positive working relationship.

Finally, I want to thank all of our members for participating in the Association and for purchasing our product so that we can represent your interest and needs.

Please let me know if I can be of any service to you.


Steve Graves

Executive Director





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