Legislative Update

The General Assembly is moving forward into its second month and there are two bills that if passed will change the days consumers have to enjoy their fireworks in Indiana. The bills are Senate Bill 124 and House Bill 1384. Both Bills seek to further restrict the use of fireworks for Hoosier consumers. At this time both bills are stalled in their respective committees. SB 124 is currently in the Committee on Commerce and Technology while HB 1384 is stalled in the Committee on Public Policy. The Association has made contact with members of the legislature to see that these bills do not become law. As of right now our efforts are making a difference. However, each year the Fireworks Industry receives challenges either by some legislators or the Indiana Fire Marshal’s office to pair down or do away the freedom to sell and use all consumer fireworks. And each year only a few of the fireworks retailers step up to meet that challenge. If you were once a member of the association as a retailor or have never been a member, I ask you to now consider becoming one. The Indiana Fireworks Association could use your support. Membership begins at $500 a year and with your added support to our numbers can and will make a difference. Let us together keep the sale and use of all consumer fireworks free to be enjoyed by all in Indiana. Steve Graves Executive Director



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